Messy Baker Monday – Book Review

Delicious Savory Pecan Cheddar Bites from The Messy Baker.

Delicious Savory Pecan Cheddar Bites from The Messy Baker.

Back in August I had the pleasure of attending the book launch for Charmian Christie’s new book The Messy Baker. It was a lovely afternoon spent with my friends Jenny and Robyn while we munched away at a sampling of what Charmian and her family prepared using recipes from her new book. While I was there, I happily bought Charmian’s book and flipped through the pages. I greedily ate the Sweet Potato Samosas and the Savory Pecan Cheddar Bites. She had many sweet items on offer that day, including the Double Stuff Oreos and the Blueberry Lime Muffins as well.

I have only had a chance to make the Savory Pecan Cheddar Bites from the book so far but I’m looking forward to trying many more recipes. The photographs are enticing and when you read the introductions to the sections and recipes, you get such a sense of Charmian’s fantastic sense of humour. I will be picking up a copy for my Mom for Christmas because I know that she will enjoy cooking from this incredibly accessible book. There are so many that I’m looking forward to trying.

I may not have had time to make many of the recipes, but luckily I have many blogger friends who are joining me today with their book reviews. Each person made a different recipe from the book. Some even have a giveaway on their blog, so I encourage you to visit each one on the list to read more about the delicious recipes in Charmian’s book.

The Savory Pecan Cheddar Bites that I made from the book were an afternoon snack shared by my son and I. After this baby arrives though, they will certainly be the accompaniment to a big glass of red wine. I also plan to keep a roll of the dough in my freezer so that I can quickly slice and bake a tray off and pack them up for a hostess gift to any holiday parties I go to.

The recipe for the Savory Pecan Cheddar Bites can be found on page 83.  You won’t be able to stop popping them in your mouth. Soooo good!!

Messy Baker Monday Bloggers:

Jenny – Whiskey-Kissed Pecan Pie with Boozy Brown Sugar Whipped Cream (giveaway)

Robyn – Blueberry Lime Cornmeal Muffins

Brittany – Lemon Macaroon Meringues

Rhonda – Ginger Vanilla Scones

Heather – Piglet Muffins

Mardi – Profiteroles (giveaway)

Lou – Double-Stuff Über-Oreo

Meg – Rhubarb and Raspberry Galette

Jennifer – Stuffed Tomato Foccacia

Stephanie – Smoked Paprika Corn Fritters

Jan – Chili Cheese Twists (giveaway)

Libby – Basil and Cheddar Scones & Cherry Chipotle Brownies


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    These cheesy bites look so good, and would be perfect to have at hand in the freezer for when people drop by or as an easy appetizer for dinner parties. I can hardly wait to get my copy of the Messy Baker cookbook!
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    Thanks so much for taking part in this! I missed your post for some reason. Forgive my tardiness. It’s no less sincere. These are one of my husband’s favourite treats. The only way I can keep them on hand is in rolled-but-unbaked form in the freezer. They’re great for parties, as Marlene mentions.


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