Honey Vanilla Peach Margarita

I’m not actually a big fan of cocktails or hard liquor in general. It is just too strong for me.  I am pretty much a wino and not a very knowledgable one either. I usually go with and $11 bottle of Malbec from South America.  I do like a good margarita though and not the slushy type. I prefer the mixed, non-blender method with real lime juice. The way this drink came to be was a happy accident, like many great things in this world (such as my Timothy).  I canned peaches for the first time this summer and I followed […]

Black Raspberry and Chambord Jam

Each new jam recipe that I come up with becomes my new favourite.  I think Timothy particularly enjoyed this one as well which makes sense since he devoured half a pint of black raspberries in one sitting. In the same sitting, he ate about a cup of cherries. I knew I wanted to put in some type of booze into this jam but I wasn’t sure what I should use, so I hit the internet. It became very clear that Chambord was going to be the winner. There are two reasons for this: the first reason was that I thought […]