Blueberry Maple Preserves

Blueberries preserved in maple syrup: perfect for topping a stack of pancakes or drizzling over yogurt & granola.

Fall has started early this year here in Ontario and part of me is enjoying the cooler temperatures. I also find it depressing because of looming thoughts of winter and the reality of climate change. The farmers will be having a tough time this fall so I’m doing my bit to support the local farmers [...]

Fudgey Teff Brownies

Fudgey Teff Brownies

My friend Meg from Sweet Twist of Blogging is about to welcome another adorable little girl to her family! What else should a group of bloggers who have grown a special kinship over the past year do, but host a virtual baby shower for Meg? I hemmed and hawed over what to make for our [...]

Strawberry Preserves with Vanilla Bean

Whole Strawberry Preserves

I don’t really know why, but these strawberry preserves connect me with my inner anglophile. Perhaps because it is not a jam recipe which makes it seem much more sophisticated than it really is. Simply saying ‘jam’ with my Canadian accent has a harsh, twangy ‘a’ sound. Whereas saying, ‘preserves’ seems like they belong on [...]

Strawberries with Crème Fraîche and Brown Sugar

Strawberries with Creme Fraiche and Brown Sugar

Strawberries are my first and truest love when it comes to seasonal eating. I may flirt with strawberries in the winter but I usually feel guilty about my inconstancy. When strawberry season comes to Ontario I fully embrace the experience of picking strawberries, eating strawberries, and breathing in the beautiful scent of fresh local strawberries. Local [...]

Jam Turnovers

Jam Turnovers

When it comes to canning, my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach regarding how much jam, etc. my household can consume in a given year. If you are a home canner then you may suffer from the same insatiable desire to put all the bounty of summer into jars that you can get your [...]

Vanilla Bean Lemonade

Vanilla Bean Lemonade

I may have a slight addiction to vanilla beans. I buy them in bulk and they seem to find themselves in quite a few of my recipes. In fact, I’m always looking for excuses to use them. I had never made real lemonade before and I do love just straight up fresh lemons, I couldn’t [...]

Kitchen Refresh: Updates Where They Count

Kitchen reno 'before' photo

We had been house hunting for about a year when we finally found ‘our’ house. We really loved our little townhouse with it’s quirky layout of two bedrooms, a loft, and garage in the back. The house was too small but we still loved it and we needed a pull out of the house since [...]