Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Honey Sweetened Green Tea Ice Cream

Honey Sweetened Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Summer is over now and for those unlucky Albertans out west, it left in a cruel hurry leaving behind a pile of snow. The photos on my Twitter and Instagram feed nearly made me weep. Well, actually, not really since I did have a bit of a smile but only because it wasn’t happening to me. I am definitely dreading this winter. I could care less about nearly all winter sports, both as a spectator and participant. I’m dreading the walk to school to pick up Timothy where I will be trudging through [...]

Baked Peaches in Honey & Vanilla Syrup

Baked Peaches in a Honey & Vanilla Syrup

Everyone needs an easy dessert in their back pocket. I’ve had a series of screw-ups in the kitchen lately and I’ve been looking for something to get my head back in the game. One of the dishes I made yesterday was a huge pot of tomato soup. I don’t have a recipe for that one because it was ad hoc affair due to the overwhelming amount of tomatoes I had on hand from my little garden. To share a recipe with you, I would like to have something that is easily replicated. This dessert on the other hand, is very [...]

Italian Meatball Soup with Spinach

Italian Meatball Soup with Spinach

Whenever I watch cooking shows that are creating quick meals and they use ten different pans and bowls, it drives me crazy. If the meal only took twenty minutes to pull together, that is awesome, but if the cleanup is twice as long as it took to make the meal then I will likely be ordering pizza if I’m in a tired weeknight time-crunch. I have teamed up with the great crew from Mushrooms Canada and Ontario Beef to be part of ‘Blend and Extend’.  Along with some fellow bloggers, we are creating recipes that combine the ever versatile ground [...]

Blueberry Maple Preserves

Blueberries preserved in maple syrup: perfect for topping a stack of pancakes or drizzling over yogurt & granola.

Fall has started early this year here in Ontario and part of me is enjoying the cooler temperatures. I also find it depressing because of looming thoughts of winter and the reality of climate change. The farmers will be having a tough time this fall so I’m doing my bit to support the local farmers in my area as much as I can. Even though I get maple syrup straight from the farmer, it is still expensive. I buy the darkest maple syrup I can find because I love the flavour. When at the farmers’ market, I have to go [...]

Fudgey Teff Brownies

Fudgey Teff Brownies

My friend Meg from Sweet Twist of Blogging is about to welcome another adorable little girl to her family! What else should a group of bloggers who have grown a special kinship over the past year do, but host a virtual baby shower for Meg? I hemmed and hawed over what to make for our virtual party. I even thought that maybe I would make something savoury that could be an idea for Meg to make ahead and put in her freezer. Well, I 86’d that idea when my super fun nausea came back to keep me company even though [...]

Strawberry Preserves with Vanilla Bean

Whole Strawberry Preserves

I don’t really know why, but these strawberry preserves connect me with my inner anglophile. Perhaps because it is not a jam recipe which makes it seem much more sophisticated than it really is. Simply saying ‘jam’ with my Canadian accent has a harsh, twangy ‘a’ sound. Whereas saying, ‘preserves’ seems like they belong on a posh table that is being set for a cream tea. This is probably me just grasping at a dream that I could someday live in England. I have a deep longing to live there but I haven’t even visited there. Sad, I know. I [...]

Strawberries with Crème Fraîche and Brown Sugar

Strawberries with Creme Fraiche and Brown Sugar

Strawberries are my first and truest love when it comes to seasonal eating. I may flirt with strawberries in the winter but I usually feel guilty about my inconstancy. When strawberry season comes to Ontario I fully embrace the experience of picking strawberries, eating strawberries, and breathing in the beautiful scent of fresh local strawberries. Local strawberries mean the true start of summer to me. They arrive when school ends for the year and it is just starting to get really hot. The kind of hot that doesn’t have the slight chill in the breeze that hot days in May can [...]