Black Raspberry and Chambord Jam

Each new jam recipe that I come up with becomes my new favourite.  I think Timothy particularly enjoyed this one as well which makes sense since he devoured half a pint of black raspberries in one sitting. In the same sitting, he ate about a cup of cherries. I knew I wanted to put in some type of booze into this jam but I wasn’t sure what I should use, so I hit the internet. It became very clear that Chambord was going to be the winner. There are two reasons for this: the first reason was that I thought […]

Preserved Cherries with Brandy

I ordered a box of cherries from Bailey’s last week but unfortunately due to the wet spring their supplier wasn’t able to come through. It was too bad but I ended up getting a bunch of cherries from Martin’s Family Fruit Farm instead.  It was my first visit out there and I came home with a flat of black raspberries too – more on that in the next post. It turns out that Timothy loves cherries. He ate so many that I was worried he would have a big stomach ache. That kids can really pack away the fruit though. He […]

Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Jam

This rhubarb jam is probably one of the best things that has ever come out of my kitchen. My husband, always my biggest fan, said that it is the best jam he has ever tasted. While it was cooking my house smelled amazing. If I had a clue how, I would bottle the scent or make scented candles out of it.  The idea for this jam has been rattling around my head since last summer after I made what I guess would be called stewed rhubarb that I put on plain yogurt.  I was pretty darn nervous about making proper […]