Baked Peaches in Honey & Vanilla Syrup

Baked Peaches in a Honey & Vanilla Syrup

Everyone needs an easy dessert in their back pocket. I’ve had a series of screw-ups in the kitchen lately and I’ve been looking for something to get my head back in the game. One of the dishes I made yesterday was a huge pot of tomato soup. I don’t have a recipe for that one because it was ad hoc affair due to the overwhelming amount of tomatoes I had on hand from my little garden. To share a recipe with you, I would like to have something that is easily replicated. This dessert on the other hand, is very […]

Field Green Salad topped with Fried Halloumi and Za’atar Vinaigrette

Digging through my fridge one day I discovered that I had a package of halloumi cheese underneath some cheddar in the door of the fridge. I was absolutely starving and it was lunch time. I fried up a little in a dry pan, put the pieces on crackers and had a thoroughly satisfying, if unbalanced lunch. A girl can’t live on cheese and crackers alone, without getting really fat and constipated, so later in the week I made myself a very healthy lunch while still satisfying my recurring craving for halloumi cheese. If you are not familiar with halloumi, it […]

Honey Mustard and Rosemary Pork Chops

This marinade for pork chops is very simple and quick to throw together. You can coat the pork chops with the marinade just before grilling or putting them in the oven but it is even better if you can let them marinade in the fridge for an hour or two. There is a little story behind how I acquired these particular pork chops. I spent my third year of university in Northern Ireland and when I was travelling around with Simon (we’ve been together for ages) I bought Darina Allen’s book Traditional Irish Cooking as a souvenir. I cooked quite a […]