Mango Raspberry and Kale Smoothie

Mango Raspberry and Kale Smoothies

I’ve long been a fan of smoothies. I try to cook healthy food and make sure that I get lots of fruits and vegetables in me but I often fail. When I say fail, I mean I have cereal for two meals and maybe some toast or a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I’m better at making sure Timothy gets some healthy food in him than I am myself. It is days like these that I turn to smoothies. I try to keep some sort of leafy green on hand and I will use either spinach or kale in a […]

Tapenade Puff Pastry Pinwheels

I have made this little appetizer several times for different occasions. I have brought it to book club, a wine tasting party (best kind of party in my book), and most recently to a fun little get together where half of the pinwheels didn’t even make it downstairs to the bar before they were gobbled up. The artichoke and asiago pinwheels do tend to go much faster but I encourage you to try the olive tapenade ones as well. I’m a very picky eater and I wouldn’t pop an olive into my mouth and chomp away but I do quite […]

Crispy Red Kale Chips

Like most people who have tried homemade kale chips, I’m hooked.  I previously had put it in soup and loved it there but who am I kidding – lighting coating it in olive oil and Maldon Salt will always win. I have read other blogs and heard people talking about these and they say that they are like potato chips. I disagree. They are salty and crispy but they do taste like kale, but only in the best sense.  When they are in the oven the steam coming out of the vent does smell a little cabbagy and not in […]

Sweet and Salty Smoked Paprika Popcorn

I will brag a little about this snack – a friend of ours said, “This is the best popcorn I have ever had.” Even my toddler loves it. This recipe is easy enough to make if it is just a regular night in but it is also different enough to make when you are having company over to watch “insert favourite sporting event“. It is a step up from opening a bag of chips and jar of dip – shows you went to a bit of effort. If you haven’t tried smoked paprika (sometimes called Smoked Spanish Paprika) – go […]