Strawberries with Crème Fraîche and Brown Sugar

Strawberries with Creme Fraiche and Brown Sugar

Strawberries are my first and truest love when it comes to seasonal eating. I may flirt with strawberries in the winter but I usually feel guilty about my inconstancy. When strawberry season comes to Ontario I fully embrace the experience of picking strawberries, eating strawberries, and breathing in the beautiful scent of fresh local strawberries. Local [...]

Gluten-free Chocolate Cherry Upside-Down Cake


Cherries are one of the few fruits I actually like with chocolate. I loathe chocolate with orange and can’t for the life of me figure out why that is a popular flavour. Equally mysterious to me is why black licorice or anything anise flavoured is eaten. Ever. This recipe was loosely inspired by Nigella Lawson’s [...]

Notes from my Freshman Canning Summer


Preserving is addictive. I started canning with a rhubarb jam that I had been thinking of and before I knew it I was ordering pound after pound of rhubarb from Bailey’s. When strawberry season hit, I knew I was in trouble. I made so much jam last summer that I sold a lot of it [...]

Blueberry Maple Ice Cream


I bought an ice cream maker earlier this week and I have now discovered what will replace last month’s obsession with making jam. I bought the ice cream maker out of the goodness of my heart because my husband is going gluten free for a little while and also giving up beer, so I thought [...]

Crème Fraiche & Brown Sugar Scones


I really wanted something to eat my jam with. I was content with just toast but I left a brand new store-bought loaf on the edge of the counter before I went out and guess who got it? George just couldn’t help himself and pulled it off the counter. I was very disappointed to discover [...]

Strawberry Port Jam with agave and a hint of vanilla


I’ve been making jam for a month or so now and I realized I haven’t included one of my favourite ingredients in my previous jam recipes- wine! I thought about putting red wine in a strawberry jam but decided to ramp up the flavour by going with Port. I also can’t seem to stop myself [...]

Strawberry Rhubarb Ever After Jam


Strawberries and rhubarb are a match made in heaven but adding honey and vanilla bean to this jam took the flavours to fairy tale level (hence the name).   The strawberries that I used were very fresh – I picked them myself.  I discovered Herrle’s Country Farm Market last year and this year I went [...]