Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Agave Syrup


I am continuing my experimenting with ice cream and before I tried any more creative recipes I wanted to try a basic chocolate ice cream. Of course I needed a to give it a little twist by using agave syrup. This recipe is quite simple in concept but it does take a bit of time, [...]

Strawberry Port Jam with agave and a hint of vanilla


I’ve been making jam for a month or so now and I realized I haven’t included one of my favourite ingredients in my previous jam recipes- wine! I thought about putting red wine in a strawberry jam but decided to ramp up the flavour by going with Port. I also can’t seem to stop myself [...]

Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Jam


This rhubarb jam is probably one of the best things that has ever come out of my kitchen. My husband, always my biggest fan, said that it is the best jam he has ever tasted. While it was cooking my house smelled amazing. If I had a clue how, I would bottle the scent or [...]