Peach Blueberry and Grand Marnier Jam (using Pomona’s Pectin)

I made this jam the other night along with a Peach and Grand Marnier Jam. I bought a big canning pot so I decided that I would make two batches at once since they would all fit in the pot for processing. I started out intending to make two batches of the peach jam but I didn’t peel enough peaches and I didn’t have it in me by the time I realized this since I started this little project at 10:30 at night. I had taken my son blueberry picking that morning at Walker’s Organic Blueberries out in New Hamburg […]

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Agave Syrup

I am continuing my experimenting with ice cream and before I tried any more creative recipes I wanted to try a basic chocolate ice cream. Of course I needed a to give it a little twist by using agave syrup. This recipe is quite simple in concept but it does take a bit of time, including the chilling time. I made the thin custard base of the ice cream one evening and put it in the ice cream maker in the morning. I couldn’t wait any longer to try the ice cream, and who doesn’t want chocolate ice cream on […]

Strawberry Port Jam with agave and a hint of vanilla

I’ve been making jam for a month or so now and I realized I haven’t included one of my favourite ingredients in my previous jam recipes- wine! I thought about putting red wine in a strawberry jam but decided to ramp up the flavour by going with Port. I also can’t seem to stop myself from putting in vanilla bean in jam so far, so a quarter of a vanilla bean was thrown in as well. I was adventurous again with the amount of sugar and berries. The first batch didn’t really set so I reduced the amount of crushed […]

Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Jam

This rhubarb jam is probably one of the best things that has ever come out of my kitchen. My husband, always my biggest fan, said that it is the best jam he has ever tasted. While it was cooking my house smelled amazing. If I had a clue how, I would bottle the scent or make scented candles out of it.  The idea for this jam has been rattling around my head since last summer after I made what I guess would be called stewed rhubarb that I put on plain yogurt.  I was pretty darn nervous about making proper […]