Pavlova with Peaches Plus a Few Tips and Tricks

Pavlova is not an overly common dessert here in Canada. I discovered it by way of the glorious Nigella Lawson and her show ‘Nigella Bites’. That show was a revelation to me and I will be forever grateful that Food Network Canada used to actually have cooking shows on their station. Now it is cupcake battles, and Top Chef Thunderdome Extreme Cook-off, reality-show crap. I live in hope that the American station, Cooking Channel will eventually make its way up here. I make this dessert quite frequently since it is naturally gluten-free and definitely little boy approved. I almost always […]

Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Jam

This rhubarb jam is probably one of the best things that has ever come out of my kitchen. My husband, always my biggest fan, said that it is the best jam he has ever tasted. While it was cooking my house smelled amazing. If I had a clue how, I would bottle the scent or make scented candles out of it.  The idea for this jam has been rattling around my head since last summer after I made what I guess would be called stewed rhubarb that I put on plain yogurt.  I was pretty darn nervous about making proper […]

Eating Local in Waterloo Region

  While I am not fiercely committed to eating only organic food, nor will I ever try the ridiculous 100 Mile Diet challenge, I am committed to buying what I can locally and being aware of what I am eating. It is harder to do than getting everything from the grocery store and not care whether it traveled across the country or how it was raised (referring to meat), but the possibility of better long-term health and helping support sustainable farming in Ontario (or wherever you live) is a desirable pay-off. I am eagerly awaiting the start of this year’s […]