Turkey Cottage Pie topped with Celeriac & Sweet Potato Puree

Disclosure: I was compensated for creating this recipe and in the process I discovered a new family favourite.

Comfort Food Makeover with Turkey Farmers of Canada

Turkey Cottage Pie

Don’t be afraid of the gnarly looking celeriac, also called celery root. Trust me that once you start cooking and eating it, you will be totally hooked and you will start looking for new ways to use it. When I was asked to create some new Comfort Food recipes for Turkey Farmers of Canada I knew that there somehow I would find a way to pair some tender, flavourful turkey with one of my favourite vegetables that smells of richly buttered celery, celeriac. I love mixing celeriac with sweet potato for a splash of colour.

I have a feeling that peeling celeriac may be one of the reasons people steer clear of it. It is much easier to peel than potatoes, which I loathe peeling. You simply take a large knife, cut a piece of the bottom off the celeriac off so it sits stably on the board and do the same to the top so you can see where you need to slice off the rest of the skin. Holding the celeriac steady, following the shape of the celeriac with your knife, slice off the skin in strips from top to bottom.

This casserole is absolutely ideal for leftover turkey. I used a boneless, skinless turkey breast because it is the most simple cut of turkey to use but not having to take the step of roasting the turkey breast would cut out 20 minutes of the prep of the dish. I am planning on getting a pretty big turkey from my butcher this year, probably about 18 lbs, because I really want lots of leftover turkey and I know that some of it is destined to be in this casserole. I am a huge fan of batch cooking and if I can have a good quantity of fully cooked turkey at my disposal, I can make flavourful meals like this relatively quickly.

You will find this recipe over on the Turkey Farmers of Canada site along with a whole bunch of other drool-worthy comfort food recipes prepared by some of my blogging friends. They can be found under the ‘Comfort Food’ category.

Click here to go directly to the recipe for the Turkey Cottage Pie with Celeriac & Sweet Potato Puree.


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