Southwest Turkey Burgers on a Portobello Mushroom ‘Bun’

Turkey Burger on Portobello MushroomDisclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received financial remuneration to write this post. I am happy to share these recipes and be part of this project because it was a natural partnership for me. 

My husband is, hands-down, my biggest cheerleader when it comes to the recipes I create for this blog and our family. He loved the Rhubarb Custard Tart that I made a little while ago. He ate an obscene amount of the Butter Tarts I made on Canada Day, but this one is his favourite.

I have cooked with ground turkey quite a bit but it was usually in chili or tacos in place of ground beef. When I decided to make a turkey burger I got it in my head somehow to make the burger with Southwestern flavours. Since the plan was to pair the turkey burger with mushrooms, my dear husband was my inspiration to use a portobello mushroom as a bun.

I had planning on using two portobello mushrooms to create an actual bun but those mushrooms were so filling that I had to make it an open-face burger. Unless I am really hungry, I can’t even finish a whole burger. None goes to waste though, since Simon is more than happy to polish it off for me.

You can top these burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, onions or any number of burger toppings. I love them topped with a fresh salsa of tomatoes, sweet white onions, cilantro, fresh lime juice and very good sea salt. The salsa fresca with Chipotle Lime Mayo, a simple condiment I’ve been making for ages, is just a perfect match.

Other toppings that would be perfect would be guacamole or simple sliced avocado with some salt and a squeeze of lime. My Timothy insisted on dipping forkfuls of the turkey burger patty in ketchup. I am still working on getting him to love mushrooms as much as I do. Give me time; just give me time.

Here is where I usually put the recipe but I am sending you off-site so that you can download the free e-book. Click here for the Tasty Turkey e-book and you can go to the Turkey Farmers of Canada Facebook Page. Simply ‘Like’ the page and you can download the e-book. The bonus is that you get 10 great recipes from my blogging friends that use turkey and mushrooms.

To get 10 more awesome recipes you can Click Here for the Mushrooms Canada e-book and you will find one more recipe from me, that I will be highlighting in a post next month, and 9 other recipes from the same bloggy buds. There are more awesome turkey and mushroom recipes in the second e-book to give you some more great ideas to add to your repertoire. Enjoy!

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  1. says

    Seeing this photo makes me hungry all over again! I absolutely loved this recipe and the open face burger was the perfect amount of food. Thanks for sharing and for being part of this promotion. Your photos and recipes were both beautiful! -Shannon
    • Christina says

      Thanks! I saw ground turkey on sale at the grocery store last week. Kicking myself for not picking some up because now I have a craving too. :)

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